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Relief!  Stressful relationships (personal, family, work), depression, anxiety, anger, loss and conflict are things I can support you with in order to help you find relief, clarity and well-being. I am skilled at helping clients stay present, grounded and focused. Emotionally resolving a less-than-ideal past (which often interferes with a satisfying present) optimizes a desired and fulfilling future; a future you get to define and create from new found clarity.
My approach is non-judgemental, client-centered and grounded in the client’s emotional, cognitive and physical present moment reality. Most of us have heard variations on the benefits of being present { Be-Here-Now }.  I can help you with being present; which is where cognitive and emotional self-awareness is accessible.  I find that being present, with oneself and others, is the only place from which effective, conscious, lasting choices and changes can be made.

Respectful and compassionate therapeutic interventions [that include a balance of support, encouragement and appropriate challenge] are what I bring to each session. Creativity, intuition, and playfulness are often close at hand.

During my 18 years in private practice I have had the privilege of working with people of different  ages with different personalities, cultural and family backgrounds, experiences and concerns.

You can find more information about client issues I am experienced in addressing in my practice at

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